Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Penguins have landed!

I'm dogsitting my friends dogs for a few days- Scamp and Neena.  They are both super easy to have around- and they fit right in with my guys. I fostered Scamp actually- and I am happy to say he is doing awesome. He is a very happy guy- who has really blossomed with Jen's love and patience. 

With 7 dogs in the house I have to walk them all in shifts- so today I took them all to the field and ran them in pairs. The Border Collies together, Two Shorties, and the Boys. It worked pretty well, although I am exhausted now. lol. 

Getting all three of them to look interested was a challenge. Brit looks beaten. I promise she isn't. lol

the very cute Scampers! 

 Pixel- who was excited to be able to run free like a real dog! 

 Vito is looking very mature these days. 

 Wicca!! The toughest Corgi in the West. :) 

And Boonie! Who is sporting his new 'do. I was trying to grow his coat out. But wearing the Thundershirt all the time lately made for impossible hair problems... I gave him bell bottoms. lol.


Crazy4CattleDogs said...

Your dogs are just so photogenic. Very beautiful (;

Jenilee said...

I love that you caught a photo of the three penguins. Thanks so much for watching them, I always know they have fun!