Wednesday, June 20, 2012

More Herding!

Even the non-herding people will appreciate this video... :)

Sarah and I went out to AltaPete this morning for some training. We wanted to work on driving, inside flanks, and on outruns. Because we wanted to save their energy for the hard stuff we thought we'd push the sheep out ourselves. LOL. It actually worked pretty well. ;)

The actual work was hard- the sheep were not cooperating and it took quite a while to get them settled in the big field. We did manage to work on some of the things we had planned- but most of our dogs energy was used up just getting them in the field, and keeping them in the field. lol.

Brit's driving is getting better and better. She kind of understands but I think at this point it is still in relation to my body position. We are kind of just flying by the seat of our pants at this point as we have only had one lesson about it. Her outruns were better today- although we only did two. She is settling in at the top nicely and brings them to me at a controlled pace.

All in all a pretty great morning!

Oh, and as a bonus there was a new baby lamb!!!! Probably just born the night before. It was so tiny and cute!

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