Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dog People Are Awesome

I'm sure everyone in dog blogger/facebook land has heard about the tragedy that well known agility handler Elicia Calhoun has had. A car accident that ultimately took the lives of two of her six dogs, and a search for one in the desert.

I can't even imagine how she feels after such an ordeal. The accident, the safety of her dogs, the puppy who didn't make it, the missing dogs. All piled on top of each other.  It must be completely overwhelmingly devastating. After an overnight search for the last missing dog, I was thrilled to see on Facebook this morning that she had been found.

Facebook has been buzzing since yesterday morning about this. Kind words, thoughts, prayers even.  Dog people are the best. Someone right away started collecting donations, lots of great search ideas, and most important of all- support. People from far and wide, people that don't even know her or her dogs. But the one thing we all have in common is dogs. We love our dogs. Any dogs. And as a whole there is no better person than a dog person. We band together. Help each other. And in a time like this support is all you have. At the time you aren't aware, but when you can finally breathe it is like big comforting blanket.

I once lost Boone- 40 hours of hell. An experience that still haunts me. My friends helped me for two solid days. Putting up posters, driving around, walking around. It was awful. I was so scared for him. Boone is not a normal dog, and was in total flight mode. But all along I had my friends. Their support helped me to keep going. The last night he was gone I remember walking down alleys and seeing people I didn't know looking for my dog. People that just loved dogs, and wanted to help. I think my blog had the most comments ever that week. I am incredibly grateful for the well wishes, and the help. Without that we may not have gotten him back.

The story of Elicia and her dogs brought all of that right back for me. There is a photo circulating around of Elicia with her dog Tobie taken when she was found this morning.  It is an intensely personal photo- the anguish is clearly visible. It made me cry- and remember.  When I finally had Boone in my arms it was the most emotional I've ever been in my whole life. I can't even express what that feeling was like. Desperation. Love. Gratitude.  

So yeah. Dog people- give yourselves a pat on the back. You truly are an amazing bunch of people

(for the curious, who weren't blog readers at the time- you can go back and read through the blog posts- Sept 26/2010 is when I lost him. There are about 6 posts in total.)


Anonymous said...

Yeah, why bother actually posting/linking to the picture you mentioned? Nice work!!!!!!!!!

manymuddypaws said...

Dear Anonymous,

Really? I'm quite sick of your rude comments. This is not the first one, but I've chosen to ignore the others. If you have something to say- why don't you sign your name, or email me and we can have a chat.

For your information I didn't put the links on because the post is not about that really. The post was about how the dog community bands together in crisis.

Apparently you didn't get that memo.

Jen said...

The idea of losing Elka is such a scary thing for me, I can't imagine how it must actually feel. Even though this story is very tragic (so many of the dogs were injured or died), it is always nice to see how dog people will pull together, offer time and resources. I was so happy to hear that the last dog had been found, safe and sound!

Koping Weims said...

Great post Amanda...and so true dog people rock...always there when you need them.


Ashley said...

This is a wonderful post Amanda. We are great people and I feel so bad for her and the loss of her dogs!! Nicely said!!