Saturday, June 09, 2012

Best Garage Sale Find Ever

My friend Sarah had a garage sale today so Wicca and I popped by to visit. Wicca enjoys coming with me on errands and such. She was pretty excited to visit with people and snoop through all the stuff. ;) I bought some books, and a pillow, and a chair for work- but the best thing was this jolly ball!

 I actually had bought it with work in mind. But Wicca LOVES it so I don't think it will be going anywhere. She has been carrying it around all day- moves it with her from room to room, and even manages to get it on the couch! I'm impressed because it is as tall as she is. :) I'm not sure what is so cool about it- I think she really just wants to get the little ball in the middle out.

 A new toy made for some fun photo this afternoon! Wicca hasn't gotten much blog time recently- she hasn't changed at all and we still are just puttering through life keeping her painfree and happy. It's a full time job really! lol. This toy is great because she can't really run when she's carrying it- and she is getting a shoulder work out when she paws at it. ;)

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