Sunday, June 10, 2012

Brit's not good at all things....

Wicca wasn't the only one who thought the jolly ball was fun. Brit had fun just trying to pick it up. lol. She never really figured it out. ;)

it's a good thing she's smarter about Sheep. ;)

On a sheep herding note we went out to the farm today for some practice. It was raining sideways and cold and windy but it was awesome. Brit was so good. She took the flanks I asked her. There was no battle to get the Sheep through the obstacles and everything was just smooth. We had to retry the Y chute both times we ran a course. I need to really watch where to call her off so she doesn't push them too fast out of the panel obstacle. But only one retry is better than many! or not being able to get it at all- which has also happened. So yeah, I'm pretty happy today!! One more lesson next week and then the big day! I got the running order and I'm in the middle of the group each day. I kind of wanted to go first (fresh sheep, less nerves from watching etc.) but I am sure it will be fine. I just need to not let the nerves get to me! Stay focused and calm. Worked like a charm today!!! 

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Jen said...

That Jolly Ball looks like a whole lot of fun!