Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Workin' Dogs

At Alta Pete they have two Guardian Dogs- they are bonded to their flock and are true working dogs. Well, except when we spoil them with Tim Bits and Bellyrubs and car rides. lol. They have the very important job of keeping the coyotes away from the sheep. They are a good pair, and are very sweet dogs. Today I took some photos of them- hard at work you can see. :)

Alaska is the younger one. She is the trouble maker, but is the best guardian dog between the two. I am not sure what cross she is- Akbash and something else.

Togo AKA Mr.Handsome is really just eye candy. He is not a great guardian dog but is a good playmate for Alaska. He is a Maremma crossed with something else. He is incredibley GIANT. Like great dane size. He is a softie though and is not always the smartest when it comes to things.

When Sarah and I first started going out to see Jenny on a regular basis we would bring the GD's Tim Bits.

They now come running at the sound of my van, and then Alaska promptly throws herself to the ground and declares that she's starving. ;)

and because I think it's adorable. I continue with the Tim Bits except that today I gave her the box. She couldn't believe her luck and didn't know what to do with it at first. I think she wondered if I was going to make her give it back...

once I assured her that she could keep it she set out to find a good spot in the lawn to enjoy them.

She was pretty proud of herself, and paraded around with it for a bit...

before settling in to enjoy her prize. Don't worry about Togo- I gave him his fair share. :)


onecollie said...

lol! Jenny's gonna kill you if you keep spoiling her hard working dogs :)

Jenny Glen said...

Nah, I want her to spoil them. It keeps them entertained and out of trouble while they are on their own.
For the record, Alaska is a "pure" Akbash - but her grandfather is from Turkey so there could be a cross that happened over there (hence her grey face) and Togo is a Sarplaninac crossed with a Kentucky 4-way (Anatolian, Akbash, Pyr, and Maremma)

November_Rain said...

Such beautiful dogs! Did some research on the breeds and they sound like excellent guardians :)

Jen said...

Hah, the look on her face when she's holding the box is just great!

They're both really neat looking dogs.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Love the box gift. Nice photography!