Friday, May 25, 2012

A trip to Blazingstar!

The dogs and I went out to Blazingstar this afternoon for a bit of training, followed by a walk. It is good to train at Liz's because there are TONS of distractions, and some feedback! It was a nice training session that ended with an even better walk.

Poor Pixel didn't get to come along on the walk though- and she was not very happy about it either. I did that for a few reasons- A)I wanted Wicca to come along and Wicca and Pixel play too much. B) Pixel needs to save her energy, well her excitement at least! and C) She just had a bath a few weeks ago and I really didn't feel like bathing her (plucking out burrs etc.) if I didn't have to..

Anyway- the walk was great and it was fun to watch Brit and Puffin play. They had a blast chasing each other and generally just being crazy. They are well matched speed wise- and took turns being the chaser, and the chasee.

If Brit stopped moving Tinbie made his move.... lol 

Wicca had SO much fun crittering

Boone was off in his own little world- he found the river twice, and just ran around all by himself.

Notice the flatcoats stay close, and my dogs are almost out of sight...

It's so beautiful there!

I told Vito to do something interesting for a 52 weeks photo, so he pee'd on the tree and touched his nose with his tongue. Something about talent perhaps? lol

Brit was a total flirt with Tinbie, but managed to stay out of reach...

Wicca found some gross good stuff to roll in

when I got home all the dogs are chill, except Pixel. Miss crazy eyes brought me her hippo to throw...
maybe I should have just let her come on the walk!

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Flo de Sendai said...

Wow, your photos -and your dogs, of course !- are lovely !!!