Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Boys and Mud- a perfect combination

I had to run out to the farm this morning to check on the Gaurdian dogs, but wanted to spend some time with my sister- So I brought them! Nolen had a great time- we were there for about an hour. In that hour he watched the barn cats, was bored by the sheep, and entranced by the chance of a frog sighting in the pond. lol. We could not get him away from it. Not only were the frogs tempting, but just the mud alone was a draw. Boys! 

Nolen is growing up so fast. He is cute, and sweet, and very smart. Too smart for his own good! He is also a typical boy- a little naughty and doesn't like to listen. lol. Good thing he is cute!

he thought the stick was fun, but the sheep were boring.

we could hear the frogs but didn't see any...

Togo and his girls.

The Watchers- one watching sheep, the other for frogs..

I didn't let Brit work at all except to get the sheep in the pasture. 

Slow Motion...I think she thought I wouldn't notice. lol

Must. Stare. At. Sheep.

In the pond, even though we told him not to.

Brit couldn't believe we were leaving. lol.

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