Thursday, May 10, 2012

One Week

Holy crap it's Thursday already. And I haven't blogged since Sunday. No excuse other than motivation. Or rather lack of.

Nothing too exiting this week. Finished off a set of pet obedience classes. Sometimes I am sad to see them go and other times not so much. Usually it's the puppy class I love and the adults that I'm ready to say goodbye to. This time it was backwards. Lol. My Manners class was great- mostly full of keeners!

Agility classes are in full swing. I am loving being outdoors. Although the weather forced us to cancel tonites class. Pixel and I went to the regional prep class and got the gamble. She is getting faster and is pretty reliable. She has alway been the reliable one but admittedly we haven't trained as much as we should be. Regionals is three weeks away and I am not going to have a solid contact performance by then... We have been working on distance- a lot and some basic handling drills though. Since the move outdoors Brit has furthered her agility learning. Lol. We can now do a full dogwalk, and can surf the teeter all the way to the bottom. And she can jump 22" sort of. Kind of. In a jump grid. We are having fun together as we go and she is getting more and more excited about it.

I am sure you are all sick of reading about herding but we did go out Wednesday afternoon. The sheep were like wild prairie creatures who refused to be moved. Eventually Sarah and I did manage to get them sorted- but it took a while. The training was good. Lots of lie downs and walk ups and such. :) I took some photos but haven't taken them off the camera yet. Maybe Sunday.

Today is Thursday and for the first time in over a week I did some heeling with Pixel. And fed every sit. And did a few fronts. Tomorrow we head to Medicine Hat for an Obedience trial. I am kinda zen about the whole thing. Not nervous at all, probably a bit too relaxed actually. Tomorrow the excitement wil kick in I'm sure :)

And that's that. A Weeks worth of jumbled life. Keep your fingers and toes crossed that Pixel has fun tomorrow!


Taryn said...

Good Luck!

Jen said...

Busy, busy! sounds like you're having a lot of fun!

(I don't mind reading about herding)