Tuesday, May 22, 2012

If Practice makes perfect...

Then it's not surprising that NOT practicing makes crap.

In the past few months Scenthurdle has dropped off my schedule. And well, it showed when I finally went to a practice on the long weekend. Brit and Pixel were both dorks. 

Brit forgot how to use her nose. In fact she forgot to even fetch the dumbbell once (as evident in the photo below). She redeemed herself though and did bring it back the second time I sent her but I do wonder what she was thinking. lol.

I'm coming back for the cookie!!!
oh yeah, this thing!
is this the right one?
maybe you would prefer two?
she's got the jumping down pat though!
 Pixel was CRAZY excited, so excited that missed some jumps, and was drooling so much on the return that she dropped the dumbbell. Geez. Look at her eyes. Thats some crazy.

and Rocky- the loaner height dog. ;) He is a rescue Pembroke that belongs to a friend. I am training him to be a height dog on our team so Pixel doesn't need to race every single heat. He is a good boy- very enthusiastic. But needs a lot of work- he is a party animal so is always into whatever looks the most fun- and often that's not his dumbbell. The hard part with training a loaner dog is the lack of relationship. Rocky sees me as the cookie lady, which is good. But not much else. lol. We have to work on that!

After the disaster that was practice I added some scent articles to both Brit and Pixels training at home. Pixel is a pretty solid scenting dog but needs to remember to hold it until I take it from her. After our issue in the open ring I am enforcing that for every single thing related to dumbbells. And Brit needs to learn scenting so articles are essentially the same thing! Tonite she did awesome. But there was low distraction and excitement. Tomorrow we'll up the distraction a bit! If the rest of Brit's team is ready they may be racing in July. It wouldn't look very good if the team captains dog forgot to retrieve her dumbbell.....

Now if only I had some spare time....

PS. Photos by Wendy!


charlene and Storm said...

ahhh pixels eyes do look proper crazy, looks like shes having a crazy fun time xxx love how brit tried to bring back 2 dumbells too, stormy does that with frizbees, when i am too busy to play with him he comes thru with 5 hanging from his neck and 2 in his mouth sometimes just to try and really beg me to play, then ofcourse i have to :D

justthreadtwiddling said...

We have two Border Collies. They are littermates that we got at eight weeks old. They will be two on july 4 (just like our granddaughter) and they are such high-energy dogs! But they are two of the smartest dogs I have ever lived with! I am really glad I got two as they keep each other very busy.
I have some physical challenges so I haven't tried agility or anything. But I really wish someone would borrow Tina and teach her herding. Ike is too lazy.

Jen said...

Sounds like one of those sessions where you really just needed to laugh! The dogs all look super excited, anyway ^^