Friday, May 25, 2012

It's coming!

Regionals are a week away. Really. A week! I am not sure how time can go by so fast when sometimes it feels like I'm at a stand still. But I can feel the excitement building, and I think I am starting to look forward to it!

The excitement for this sort of thing is contagious. This year we have more GDG students competing for their first time, and they are all excited, and a little nervous. ;)

This is Pixels second Regionals. Last year was her debut and she did fantastic. I think she was clean in almost all the runs, and got both gambles. We were very prepared and had trained hard prior to the event. She placed 2nd. Squashed between two very fast, and talented Papillons. It was a great weekend.

This year things are a little different. No Wicca (which hurts my heart still). And I am not afraid to admit that my training hasn't been as good. The training I have done has been good- little bits here or there- but nothing hardcore like last year. You see Wicca was the reason that things had to be so hardcore, so MUCH training. I have felt like Pixel doesn't really need that- or do well with that. So instead we have been doing small amounts. Mostly gamble skills, and some basic handling drills. And I am left with this feeling of not being very prepared.

But we are, and we will do fine. My dog has good skills. And so do I. With Pixel I have this strange confidence that I never had with Wicca. In part because Pixel does what the momma says, and as long as I keep my shit together we do well. Pixel is not a free thinker.  ;)

This weekend I will do some handling drills, and  I will do one more Prep class- a gamble, and then before you know it, it will be Friday and I'll be in Medicine Hat at Regionals.

This week will fly by I'm sure!!!


onecollie said...

you guys will rock!!! looking forward to being there too :)

Elf said...

It's good to be excited about an event like the regionals! I wish you all the luck and skill.

Your comment about no Wicca got to me. Last year, Tika won local (Perf) GP after GP, got something like 5 passes for the regionals, including one for this year that I can use at our regional (not until Labor Day!), but since then has been fading rapidly, and I'm not sure whether she'll even still be doing agility by then. Last night I couldn't even run her in class. I kinda know what you're feeling.

WigglyZack said...

Good luck, but I sure you won't need it and will do great.