Sunday, March 27, 2011

Scenthurdle and Bath Day

Today was our last scenthurdle practice before our first official race next weekend. All the dogs are doing pretty great and I am feeling pretty great about our team. I took a few photos today with their fancy racing vests one. :)

Pixel is so cute in her little vest. I think she is the cutest. :)

After scenthurdle both Boone and Pixel were groomed. They both hate it so it wasn't very fun for me or for them. But it had to be done. Pixel was beginning to look like a Papillon with those ear fringes! She looks all pretty and trimmed now- I even did her feet. :)
Boone just had a bath and blow dry- no trim. I couldn't resist taking a photo of the torture. These were taken with my iphone so excuse the crappy quality. He is so miserable the whole time, but the drying is the worst. He hates the sound, and doesn't like the feel of the blowing anywhere near his head. It makes trying to dry him ridiculously hard.  But he survived, and he looks super puffy right now. I probably should have trimmed him a bit, but in a few days it will start to curl up a bit and he won't look so funny. :) No after pics of Pixel. I was in a hurry...


Tucker The Crestie said...

Tucker & Phoebe had their baths today as well ... Tucker looks rather like Boone when he's wet - just dwindles down to nothing when you put water on him. Pixel looks adorable in her vest!

Lani said...

The bottom picture of Boone is HILARIOUS! It's like the dryer blew him up against the wall.

Rip and Ziggy are not fans of the dryer, either. I think I might start turning it on during dinner time to see if I can change that... It will either work or they'll both lose some weight!

onecollie said...

oh Boonie :) you make me laugh!

K-Koira said...

Pixie looks so official with the vest on and everything. I am interested in getting to know some more about scenthurdling, it sounds like a fun game to play.