Sunday, January 01, 2012

The Boys, and Brit

The last installment of a year past, and looking forward to 2012. :)

Boone has spent the year recovering from his "adventure" last October. Finally I think we are over the most of that, but we aren't rushing back to training or trialing anytime soon. He is happy just doing his own thing, and I am happy to have him happy. :) We still putter around on tricks, and rally. Maybe one day he will be brave enough to go back in the rally ring to finish off his Excellent title, but there will be no pressure for that.

Vito has had a suprisingly successful year!
He was entered in a few events over the year, and came home with some Q's. He is definitly a one run per weekend sort of guy. We play agility when he wants to. And that's all. He is a dog who loves comfort, and cuddles, and to be able to make his own choices. ;)

Where to even start! I've had her for just about a year now and can't believe I am so lucky. Brit is training for a multitude of sports and is doing well in all of them. She is a slow to mature dog so although she is two years old she has lots of growing up to do before we get serious about much. We do have some goals for the year that I'd like to share though.

Herding- there is a CKC herding trial in the spring. My plan is to enter her at the Started level. My trainer assures me it is not as hard as it sounds, and that Brit is almost ready now.

Scenthurdle- she is doing very well. Her scenting is almost solid already!! I've got some video I'll post in the next few days!  The goal is to have her ready by May.

Obedience/Rally- we have done just the bare minumum, and are really focusing on building solid heeling. Next fall she will debut.

Agility- we haven't been working as much as we should. Instead spending lots of time building up the foundation that I've learned is so important. She can weave 12 poles now, and is still backchaining contacts. We have lots of jump grids in our future. I am not in a rush at all with her. Oddly enough Agility is on the back burner so to speak! Which has never happened before.. lol


Raelyn said...

Glad to read that Boone is recovered from his "adventure"!! ;op
Happy 2012, Amanda!! ;)

Nat said...

Sounds like 2011 was a really good year for you guys :) Best of luck in 2012!