Sunday, January 01, 2012

Brit Scenting

Last week I taped a little training session with Brit. She is doing really well- as she gets more confident I will add more "X's" for her to choose between. She will likely be ready for the spring- maybe May? She is pretty smart, and has a good solid fetch. I want to be sure the scenting is 100% though before I start peicing too much together!

On a side note, this was the day that I noticed her sore pad- but it wasn't until after we had done this training. Looking at the video I can see that her foot was sore. :( Poor girl. But- it is healing up really nicely and is almost 100% better. We still wear a boot if she is running, or active.

Did I even blog about her foot? lol. I facebooked it, sometimes I get confused. Anyway- Brit's foot was cracked and bleeding. Just two toe pads. It was totally bizarre. Not sure how or when it happened. I was thinking that maybe the ice and rough ground from herding? But who knows. It actually looked like it was being eaten away by something. But we don't have snow, so there is no salt on sidewalks or anything. I've been soaking it twice a day and putting vaseline on in the morning and at night. It's seems to have done the trick- the foot is almost baby soft. :)


Raelyn said...

Glad that Brit's paw pad is HEALING.... And NO, you did NOT mention this on manymuddypaws!! ;-}

onecollie said...

she is so cute the way she picks it up & turns to look at you for approval before bring it :)