Monday, January 02, 2012

Herding Lesson #7

Today we went out for another lesson with Jenny. I'm going to need an intervention soon. lol.

Anyway- Brit started out rough (again!), but ended really, really well! She actually started out pretty well, and then we sent her on an outrun and she cut in at the last second and sent the sheep flying over the fence. Jenny said the sheep were being bratty, but Brit was pretty naughty herself. After we got the sheep back we worked on our Outruns- this is Brit's weakest thing. She often will cut in, or be too tight at the top of the sheep. She did better this time though, and about half way through our first turn she was actually sending from beside me. Short distances, but still- not cutting in. Oh, and her lie downs were better this time- not perfect, but improved!

Our second turn we did this very cool fence exercise- teaching Brit to cover and hold the sheep. It was a lot of fun. I got that part on video too so you can see what I mean. It's hard to explain. I thought she did really well. Jenny said that Brit is a very "tight" working dog and will do better at this sort of thing. The outruns on the other hand are more difficult for her.

I tried to work Brit with a boot on her sore foot- but she was hopping around like a dork and seemed to be distracted with it on. The second turn I let her go in with nothing on, and her foot still looks good.

Some other random things I learned. I need to be more "authorative" with my lie downs. Not frustrated. (I often get annoyed if she won't lie down. lol) I am going to practice my commands in a lower voice with more meaning to them.

Ask her nicely, if she doesn't do it give her a firmer cue, and then follow up with nice as she is doing it right. The cue really becomes the reward.
Thanks to Sarah for the Photo, and Donna for the video!!!


BCxFour said...

It is so addictive isn't it? I LOVE it! Brit looks like she is trying so hard to be good for you! I loved it when you praised her and her little tail was just a waggin' away.

Jules said...

What a good girl! It's an incredible challenge.

Raelyn said...

You updated the pictures of Wicca, Vito, Boone, Pixel and Brit on your blog's sidebar!! Cool!!