Monday, January 09, 2012


Last week I came home from Sheepherding with an extra passenger. Something black and white, with a pointy nose, funny ears, and cute feet. His name is Scamp. And he is a herding washout.

 He is just too soft, with not enough desire to herd. When the going gets tough, Scamp leaves the field. lol. Which is no good if you were born to be a super herding dog. So here he is. In a city, learning how to be a city dog. Once he's finished with his city-dog-lessons he will be ready for a home of his own.

He's been here a week and so far he's learned three things

where the cookie jar is (very important!)
the couch is not a tree, and should not be pee'd on (also very important)
that the little black and white dog is not your friend (probably the most important)

I debated changing his name, but whoever adopts him likely will change it anyway- so why put the poor dude through two name changes. Besides Scamp kinda suits him. For a day he was Scout, and then for a few days he was Whiz because he really likes to pee on stuff. But Scamp is what comes out most of the time now. So Scamp it is. Although Whiz was cute too. I don't anticipate him being around too long so it doesn't matter too much, I don't have to like it! Unlike Davie, my last herding washout foster, he doesn't have that super sensitive side and will be an easy dog to find the right home for.

He really is a good boy- and in a week has come out of his shell a lot. The progress from shell shocked farm boy to confident city slicker won't be long. I've started some clicker work with him. Right now we are still pairing the click with the cookie, but I hope to start some shaping games with him this week.  He doesn't know anything really except his name. And no. He knows what that means already. Pisser. Oh, and he is getting neutered tomorrow, so I expect the peeing to reduce dramatically. It's the only thing about him that I don't like.
In the week I've had Scamp I've learned a few thing about him.
He is very happy, and wiggly, and cute.
He has a fantastic recall
He prefers crunchy cookies over soft treats
He rarely ever barks
I am not sure he is the smartest kid in the playground, but his sweetness makes up for it.
He really likes plush toys.
He has a healthy respect for kitties.
He doesn't like to get in trouble.
He learns fast. (nearly housetrained in a week!)
He is not afraid of stuff, and is very curious

Below is a very short video (taken with my iphone) of Scamp with the only kind of sheep he likes. The stuffed kind. ;)

As I mentioned I don't think it will be long before he ready for a home to call his own. So if you know anyone- spread the word!


Raelyn said...

Is "Scamp" a BORDER COLLIE? He CERTAINLY does not SOUND like one to ME!! ;)
Seriously. NO desire to HERD? Rarely ever BARKS? What sort of Border Collie IS that? DIFFERENT, I guess.... ;-}
Awwww.... I FEEL for "Scamp", though!! A Herding washout. An outcast. I DO hope that he is adopted into a FOREVER LOVING HOME!! ;op

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Very cute kid, nicely marked. Hope he finds a home soon. Your home is a great place to pick up daily living skills! LOL.

Nicki said...

Very cute, reminds of my Oreo. But I'm not looking right now ;)

sandra said...

I am soo glad Davie was a herding wash out when he was a youngster or I wouldn't have such a great guy who now loves to herd, pull sleds with huskys, and run with me in the bush. Thanks for the great guy Amanda, hope Scamp finds a good home. You are an awesome person.