Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Foster Dog

Isn't she adorable? Luna is a Pembroke Corgi crossed with somethin....not sure what. I originally thought maybe Jack Russell as she has a very narrow face and is petite all around. Also that could explain the color....but she is soft and mushy and nothing like a terrier.

Luna was an owner surrender after she didn't turn out to be a good "cow dog" - not sure what that means exactly but I doubt she had a very good life. I am not a foster home really, and now do intake and some adoptions. But she's a corgi! I mean, I couldn't NOT foster her.

She is a complete mushball and is the laziest dog ever. I thought that maybe she was just tired after her ordeal and changes etc...but no. It's been a few days and she is still just as lazy as ever. She never gets off the couch, and I've started calling her the Princess.

Luna LOVES cats and wants a kitty of her own one day. She doesn't care about the other dogs at all although she and Wicca ALMOST played yesterday...I think with a little more time she just might. What Luna loves the most is people. She has never met a stranger and everyone gets the same greeting. She presses her self as close as possible her nubbin' wags like crazy.

Anyway, I posted this on here because I want a record of the dogs I end up fostering over the year, and maybe one of my readers might also think she is adorable and want to adopt her.....anyone?

For more information about Luna you can check out the rescue blog- http://windycityrescue.blogspot.com


Dawn said...

She is so cute! I hope she finds a family with a kitty really quickly. What a sweet looking girl.

Jules said...

Oh, what a cutie!

Diana said...

Aww, she is very cute. Love the new blog header. Diana

Taryn said...

Are you sure she's not a Cardi mixed with something and they just decided to dock her tail? It's hard to judge her size from the photo, but she sure looks Cardi to me. And, of course, she is absolutely adorable!

Nikki said...

She is super adorable! I too think she looks like a Cardi mix...... Whatever she is she is freakin' cute and I hope she gets a home soon!

Lisa said...

Oh my god, she is so cute. I wish I could take them all home. If I hear of anyone wanting another dog I will send them your way.

Laurie Eno said...


Love this post ... would you mind if I re-posted it on The Daily Corgi?


Laurie Eno
The Daily Corgi