Monday, March 08, 2010

CKC Agility weekend

I don't play CKC agilty very often. I did one weekend last year in September and prior to that I can't even remember.It is a very different organisation than the one I play in normally. The courses are quite different and the rules are also a bit different.

Wicca needed one novice standard q to move to intermediate...she didn't get it but we sure had fun! Novice CkC courses are Very simple- no weaves, 13 obstacles and very much straight lines with a side change in a tunnel or off the table. As you can imagine Wicca thought it was pretty fun to get to run in a straight line...the heights are different though so she had to jump 2" higher then her normal height. It was very noticeable for her but she did really well. She knocked four bars- one in each run. ;)

She was naughty too- start line issues, she self released on the dogwalk twice (the second time I made her fix it and she was better after. But she had a good time and wasn't lame or sore at all. I think it is good for them sometimes to be able to just open up and run- wicca sure enjoyed herself!

I bought myself a video camera on Friday so got to try it out- kim videoed my runs for me. Here are three runs of the naughty dog. :o)

In the end I didn't take Boone- I pulled him because I thought the travel would be too stressful for him. It was a six hour drive each way. He would have really loved the courses, but there is another few CKC trials I hope to get to this summer...

So overall a nice, easy going weekend. The handling was entertaining to say the least, and it was nice to see some new dogs, and breeds I don't see often.


Taryn said...

I can't imagine driving 6 hours to a trial! Other than the Cardigan National, that is. I limit it to about an hour and a half. I must be a wimp! Fortunately, there are more than enough trials within those limits to keep me busy.

Jules said...

It reminds me a lot of NADAC - lots of running. What venue do you typically play in?

Glad to hear Wicca feels good!

Jules said...

ah, AAC?

onecollie said...

Wicca was having a great time for sure!!

Vicky said...

The straight lines of those courses made it look easier than it probably was. Lots of running for sure. Good luck at the trails this summer.