Saturday, March 20, 2010

More Pictures

I went with Wendy this morning to an off leash dog park in Ft.Macleod (a small town about half an hour away). The dog parks here are kind of boring after a while so we wanted something new. We had the whole park to ourselves and didn't see a single person or dog the whole time. The area is huge and is very natural with mostly game paths to follow. Lots of wildlife call this area home but thankfully we only saw deer from a distance!

The dogs had a blast and are exhausted after running for almost two straight hours. Wendy and I both brought cameras although I mostly got crap. :o) Wendy got some great shots of my dogs so thought I'd share them. I will post my photos tomorrow maybe.

Thanks for the great photos Wendy!

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Diana said...

Great pictures. I hate it when all my pictures turn out like crap. Diana