Thursday, August 27, 2009

CKC Agility

On a whim, and at the very last minute, I decided to enter Wicca in a CKC Agility trial. I am not sure what possessed me, but my friend Kim and I will be heading up to Edmonton next weekend.

I rarely do CKC. Like can count on one hand how many trials I have run. Two? Three? Way back in 2005...I don't play CKC often mostly because there are no local trials. Calgary has one, or two a year and the rest are in Edmonton (five hours away) so yeah, the opportunity doesn't occur often.

Anyway, I actually had to call CKC and find out what Q's my dog had. It turns out that I started her in "regular" earned two standard Q's, and a JWW Q, and then moved her to "Select" and earned two JWW Q's, and one Standard. So what does that equal? A whole lot of nothin!

She needs one JWW Q, and two Standard Q's in Novice. Totally made me laugh. Novice. Really.

In CKC Novice there is no weave poles. None. Nada. Zip. There is however a table that she will either have to sit, or down on. We have to practice that next week! The courses will be very fast, and flowy (i.e Easy). Hopefully I won't manage to screw them up, or miss a tunnel or something. (I've been known to do that!)

So with the CKC trial next weekend that means that I have three trials in a row. Edmonton, Kimberley, and Medicine Hat. I have Boone entered in Kimberley and Medicine Hat in full trials. And Wicca in all all three.

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Diana said...

You will be tired after all those runs. Good luck! Diana