Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pity and a little tongue..

(Couldn't think of anything better to call this post)

Kim snapped these photos on the weekend-

Wicca right after she came off the jumpers course- although she looks sad I think she was mostly annoyed that I picked her up and took her off. But she does look pretty pitiful I must admit.

And Boonie- we were warming up and he was pretty excited about the hotdogs I was dishing out!


GeeRome said...

Aww Poor Wicca. She looks so pathetic!

Jules said...

Oh my! She does look pretty unhappy!

Sarah said...

awww wiccie, milk it for all its worth!!!!!!

boones tongue is waaaay to cute

Dawn said...

How is the poor girlie doing today? Hopefully she feels better!