Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Boone the student...

So last night only one dog showed up for the "slacker class" so lucky dog Boone got to be a student! I haven't done any classes with any of my dogs in a really long time. (we train all the time, but generally I am teaching the classes...) It was fun to be a student!

We did some fun acceleration/decceleration jump sequences. Boone likes to run straight so this was a perfect exercise for him

We did some teeter games, and worked on turning out of a tunnel up the frame- this was something that was even on my list to practice with him...it was almost like Sarah read my mind :o)

And then we did some contact work on the dogwalk- his contacts are really coming along and he is getting quite consistent about them. I am quite happy with where he is at right now.

We ended on the weaves and he did great- he is getting his entrances but is popping at pole #4...any guesses as to why that is happening? Yup. I train with four poles at home.....Smart thinkin'.....

Regardless I was really impressed that he held it together for a full hour class last night. Usually I work him maybe three or four times a training session and that's that. I am pretty thrilled with this dog!


Sarah said...

Amanda, I can always read your mind :)

boone did great and yes pole #4 is just like the 5th or 10th pole popping problem on 6 or 12 poles, ONLY ODD poles for a while or else. haha

i thought his weaving was REALLY good, he is so enthusiast and I was VERY impressed with his contacts too!!!!!!!!! He would have kept going another hour I am sure, I think he was showing off for Jovi.

are you bringing him tonight too to run the full course??

Dawn said...

He looks great. Is he going to be trialing soon? He looks like he is ready from the pictures! Such a cutie too.