Wednesday, September 17, 2008

More training

Last night I went to the field early and worked a little with Wicca. She such a good girl these days. Listening, paying attention and most importantly trying to keep bars up. :o)

She had some nice weaves- like smokin' fast with good entries- which was nice.

We worked on some discrimination- it's all about timing ya know- and we all know that my timing isn't what it should be sometimes....but discrimination is one of those things that Wicca is very good at. Last night was no exception.

oh- and we did two fun jump exercises from Kim Collins outreach and Wicca did them both- with no bars...uh huh. No bars. See what I mean about being a good girl.

We are off this weekend to Medicine Hat- well Redcliff actually- it is always a nice trial- those Medicine Hat ladies are always friendly and cheerful- which can be a hard thing to be when you are running a trial- but you can always count on them to have a smile on their face.

Also I'll get to see little Dixie- who was adopted through my rescue- she was thrown out of a car window- while it was moving...when she was just a wee little pup. She is a Sheltie/Border Collie cross and is super sassy, and cute.

I have Boone entered in five things- standards, team and snooker...he has been doing well but still is not weaving properly. He did nine poles in my yard yesterday- but that is in my yard- with no traffic noises....

Wicca is entered in everything- masters everything except Jumpers...maybe we could get a jumpers Q this weekend and move on up.

Sarah's dog Gyp only needs 2 Q's for her ATCH...can you freakin' believe it...A team, and a gamble I think?...Sarah tells me it is actually a team and a snooker....Go! Gyppie Go!


Sarah said...

yes wicca was a very good girl last night, you handled her well which is part of the reason she was good, and the other part was that the bars stayed up - which was her half of the equation.

oh boonie, he keeps improving and you are doing a good job of being patient with him.

did you have to mention the end part about you know who. (it is actually 1 snooker and 1 team she needs)

Jules said...

Good luck, ladies!