Monday, September 08, 2008

Kimberly Weekend

Boone had a blast and was a happy, happy dog all weekend. I am very proud of him! He was all smiles and tail wagging- and didn't once try to leave the ring. He even managed to weave- mostly- in one standard. I had trouble with his a-frame contact all weekend though- but he did manage to get a couple great "touches" on the dogwalk. Overall I am pretty impressed with him! The breakdown:
Standard 1- 2nd Place. (10.00 faults) for weave pole NC
Standard 2- 3rd Place (5 faults)
Jumpers- 2nd Place-
St.Snooker- 1st place. Back Jumped :o)
Adv.Gamble- 2nd Place

Wicca had a phenomenal weekend- no sign of a limp at all. She was a little wild in the morning and blew our gamble (and it was so doable....) but that's okay. She made up for it later in the day! She came home with four Q's which is above average for her! We had a great time- she was listening, had great weaves- she only missed her entry once all weekend, and only had three bars! Two on one course, and the other in Gamblers. I have a very good dog.
The Breakdown:
Adv.Standard 1- 5 faults- a bar, caused by me- dropping my arm and not supporting her on a jump. 43 seconds/ SCT 74. Fastest Time overall.
Adv. Standard 2- Q! 43.68 Fastest Time overall. This is the last Q needed for our Advanced Title. Finally!
Adv.Jumpers 10 faults- 2 bars. Nice run, shame about the bars! 26 seconds! Smokin' Fast.
Mas Gamblers. 42 Points. I cannot believe she didn't get the gamble....
Mas Team- paired with Gyppie. The tri-colored beeotches do it again. 1 of 2 teams to qualify. It was not a very nice course! Q!
Mas. Snooker Q!!!! Can you believe it!!! Thanks to Sarah's planning Wicca and I pulled it off!
Steeplechase- Q! 39 SECONDS. We had the third fastest time behind Skye and Rondi- 2 Border Collies. Go Wiccie Go!
Mas. Standard- she did great! Our first time in Masters Standard- she blew the weave entry- but otherwise it was clean and fast!

The weekend itself was good- lots of visiting with friends, Brenda was as funny as always, maybe even funnier after my comment on Friday... :o)
It was nice to have a weekend away and I really enjoyed myself. I only had one "moment" but it didn't last long. The trial was run great- and as always the site was beautiful. I camped and it was not bad at all. The dogs and I were nice and cozy in our tent all weekend- even when it rained Saturday night. It was definitely a good choice to go.

Oh, and Sarah,

Congrats on Gyppie's MAD !!!


Jules said...

woo-hoo!! Sounds like agreat weekend!

Sarah said...

that is one well earned Ribbon Wicca!!

And how about that snooker run!!!!!

Boonie did great too, as usual everyone though he sooooo cute!!!

That is such a great trial, I hope more of our group will go next year!!!!!

manymuddypaws said...

yes, that snooker run was pretty amazing. Perfecto!

how could people not love Boonie- he's so cute, and happy, and did I mention Happy???

I think that Kim would LOVE that trial. Hopefully next year she can go! Jolayne too

Elf said...

Oh, my, I missed a week of reading and when I come back, the universe has changed completely. I am so sorry about Sam and so happy for Wicca's Advanced title. What a conflict of sorrow and joy and relief. When my dogs have departed, I've found that I'm grateful for having agility to go to, where I can enjoy myself and burn the edges of my grief away, and where people understand. Your friends' tribute to Sam is lovely. Your new ribbon is lovely.


Kim said...

What a great weekend you had! Boone seems like he is getting more confident with each trial.

Wicca! A new title and another snooker 'Q'. Look at you go!

I wish I could have been at the trial to see all your great runs.

onecollie said...

holy smokeronnies!!!!.great weekend, congrats!

Marcy said...