Monday, October 05, 2015

Wicca Update

Everyday I look at her and see more grey, more wisdom, and more of my heart. 

I cannot explain how much I love this dog. She has lots of good days- days of running around the yard, killing squeakers, bossing the other dogs, protesting when it's not her turn. And then she has bad days- limping, stiff and sore, not bothering to get up and police the other dogs, days where she just soaks up the sun in total old dog peace. Those days make me sad, but also grateful to get to enjoy her in her olddog ways. 

She needs an adjustment- I have to find the time to get her to Calgary in the next week or so. She's got something out in her neck. The limp is in her right shoulder but it's definitely coming from her neck. For now she is on antiinflammatories, robaxin, and Pepcid for her tummy.  She is also reverse sneezing once in a while, and I think is breathing heavier too sometimes. I had her at the vet a few weeks ago when the shoulder/neck thing happened. But that was just for that- so I think I'll book a check up. Maybe some blood. It'll either make me feel better or give me more to worry about. 

Oh to have an old dog who actually is an old dog. She's my first really. Kate, my shepherd didn't age until she died. Really.   My other dogs died young. It's hard to watch this slowly getting old. I have had to really work at changing my mind set- instead of focusing on the getting old and omg she's going to die one day soon- I'm trying to appreciate her old dog ways. It's helped a bit. ;)

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Anonymous said...

Wicca is so gorgeous. Seeing them get older is really hard - Rufus will officially be a senior in just a few short weeks and it kinda breaks my heart. I just have to remind myself he's aging really well and I am so lucky to have so many wonderful moments with him already.