Thursday, October 22, 2015

Raising Siren

Raising a puppy is hard work. They really are like little sponges who soak in everything that happens, everything they see and do. For better or for worse. ;)

It's a big responsibility. Making sure you are raising a well adjusted dog who is comfortable in their own skin and in life. Add on performance sport expectations and goals and you are adding in a million extra things to teach them about. 

I learned the hard way (with pixel) not to be too concerned about doing everything perfect. I am enjoying this puppy immensely and am just letting her be who she is. I'm merely her life guide at this point. Lol

She is about 10 weeks? Maybe 11 weeks? So far she has learned some real life skills:

Her name
How to potty outside
How to travel in the vehicle
About the torture of crate training. Learning to be quiet in said crate is a slow process....
How to eat treats
How to get stuffing out of a kong
How to greet people- tail wagging so fast that she almost lifts off the ground 
How to read other dogs body language. No. It sounds simple. But it isn't. 

She has been to a handful of new places and after the first day has explored her environment with he confidence you expect in a terrier. She has spent time at friends houses and workplaces. 

She has met a lot of people. Probably over 50 at this point. Mostly from my arms but she is pretty sure the whole world loves her. Which is exactly what I want her to think. 

She has met lots of dogs. Some nice ones. Some not so nice. She has been growled at. She has been snarked at. And she has learned that life goes on and it's no big deal. She has played with other puppies and a few adult dogs. She has also seen dogs and not been allowed to engage. She thinks this is the hardest. 

The two things we've spent the most time on, and the things I think are the most important-

Trust in Me. Our relationship is coming right along. She knows I'm "the momma" and is actually a little too attached in my opinion. But I think it's a phase so I'm not doing much different at this point. She knows that I'm the keeper of a things fun and that I will throw her toy or play with her for as long as she wants. She knows that my lap is the best place for a nap and that I'll always save her from the cat. 

How to learn. She is so smart. And confident. A fantastic pairing. She catches on to concepts fast and will always try and try again. She knows how to offer behaviour to get a reward, and has pretty good listening ears for a baby puppy. Mostly learning is done in small little spurts- she can perch, spin, sit, down, and stand. We have started shaping some things- like running around a pylon, waving, and a back up. She is a fan of action. So we do lots of playing and Running and chase games. She will even do stuff for a toy which is amazing to me for such a young dog. She does love her stuffies! 

So yeah. That's all the stuff so far in the life of Siren. I'll do a post like this every few weeks so I can look back to see where we are and where we have come from. ;) 

Here are an assortment of photos of some real life experiences she's had since I brought her home. 

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