Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Pixel Update

Pixel is all of a sudden not the baby. I mean, she hasn't been the youngest dog for a few years now- but she was always "the baby." Her maturity level was comparable to a two year old. But in the past few months she has really just come into herself. She actually seeks out attention, and has taken to sleeping on the bed! She has never been a touchy-feely sort of dog so it is an interesting change!

Her off and on again limp is off and on, always that same damn shoulder. So it's hard to train for Utility because she can't heel, or jump... We've been working on signals, and go outs, and articles though. Those she can do even if she's a bit gimpy. I'm hoping that by spring we will be ready to give it a go! She is quite good at what we can work on- finally we've got the moving stand sorted, and paying attention during signals. Progress!

She is loving country life, she's been running a lot and is probably the fittest she has ever been. Though she is a little chunky again all of a sudden! I hate seeing fat corgis, so the weight is on it's way off right away!

PS- I apparently didn't blog when Pixel finally got her last CDX LEG!!!!! Geez!!! Terrible! Anyway, she got it at the Lethbridge show this summer. It was a FANTASTIC day. ;) 

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^..^Corgidogmama said...

She's a beauty...and silly and quirky. She was meant to be in front of your camera!!