Saturday, October 10, 2015

Brit Update

Brit is my go-to dog. She comes to nearly every class or workshop to demo stuff, and is just the MOST perfect dog in the house.

We are training for Open since she got her CD this summer. The broad jump remains an issue- so I likely won't be entering her in November. She is 99% at my house, at the park, and at the training building. But the very first time at each location she walks it, or mis-jumps it. Some theories on that is the surface change. Brit has a bad rear end, and I wonder if she can't push off well enough? We've gone back to doing some strengthening exercises to see if that will help.

I need to go back and get on last leg in Advanced Rally. I got a nice letter from CKC saying that her Excellent legs she got in the summer are void because she needs one more advanced. lol. Apparently I need a secretary...

I haven't done much herding with her. No trials at all, but I do let her work a lot of the time. She has a good time as long as things are fun and easy. The second she gets to her invisible line thats it. LOL. But she mostly has a good time. And when she listens she actually looks pretty good!

Brit is enjoying our new country living a lot. She LOVES to run. Full out. As hard as she can. And this place has tons of room for that. She also is happy to sit out in the yard and watch stuff. She sits out there for hours when I'm home.

Mostly Brit just has a good time. If its training, walking, running, or playing. Brit is all about a party. ;)

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