Sunday, October 04, 2015

Leo Update

I've been a bad blogger. Life is so busy, and crazy, that finding the time to sit down at the computer for non-work related stuff just doesn't seem to happen anymore.

But- I am feeling motivated to get back at it. I miss blogging, and already have found that twice I could have used the ability to look back at what I did with the dogs... I have a terrible memory- so use my blog all the time to find out about how the last trial went, or what we worked on, or where they are at.

So- back to blogging. It would be sad to not have record of Siren's puppyhood! And like I said I need it to keep my life organised. ;)

Leo's Update first, mostly because he's the only one I have recent photos of. ;)

Since the agility trial at the beginning of the summer we haven't done anything else except for herding. I did this for a few reasons. 
Herding is his passion- it is what he loves the most, and what I love doing with him the most.
But mostly, the other training was messing up some herding stuff! He doesn't seem to transfer very well from thing to thing. Obedience to Agility, or even Agility to Herding. He is a very literal dog and there was much confusion about what was expected of him. So back to keeping it simple. I think that he is happier this way. Don't get me wrong we still play with toys, and he sleeps on the couch, and is a total suck. But I'm not actively training him for obedience or agility right now.

I am going to start back little bits of agility with him this fall- but if I start seeing issues pop up with the herding stuff again then we may just not!

He is doing really well on sheep. His driving is almost *there,* and we are this >< close to having whistles. I have to fix my Come Bye whistle as the start sounds the same as the stop. We didn't get a chance to trial much this year- but we sure trained a lot! He ran Pro Novice all season and we did manage to get around the field a few times with mostly numbers and not letters. ;)  I am hoping that by the end of next year we will be in Open. He has a great outrun, so it's really just going to be stretching things out, and learning to shed.

Here he is with his beloved Jolly Ball. He LOVES it... a lot.

Tomorrow a Wicca update. :)

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