Sunday, December 29, 2013

That Feeling

Due to the wacky weather we've had the past few weeks (i.e COLD, WIND, SNOW, -50C) I haven't had much opportunity to work the dogs. Hopefully we are past that now and can get back to regular training.

They are good dogs, but have lots of work that needs to be done! Today my friend Cindy and I went out to Altapete and worked dogs with Jenny. It was SUPER windy, but still a nice afternoon. It was nice to work in a big field again.

Leo is still struggling with driving. And Brit is still struggling with open flanks on a drive. She just doesnt' see the need I guess. lol. So we worked bits on that. But mostly it was just fun being on the field with them. That feeling never gets old!

Photos by Jenny Glen, with fancy editing by me. ;)

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