Sunday, December 15, 2013

Busy weekend

Saturday: Scenthurdle Race in Calgary
Left at 5am. Our team rocked. I love the people on my team. Everyone is so awesome. Brit and Pixel both got two races each. They had lots of fun.

Sunday: Highwood Stockdog Arena trial. Brit has moved up a class- she is in ranch now. A full drive. :). She was great today. Even when she got stomped off the pen. She came back and worked that ewe- we got the pen. Placed second in our class with full points. We even won back our entry $!

Leo is in novice. He did so good. He's so Into his sheep sometimes that he forgets to listen. So we had a few little blips- and the drive was awful. But I expected that as he has barely learned it. That's our winter project. :). He did well enough for second place in his class though!

So very happy with both dogs. It was a great day. And we even ended early!! So bonus!

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