Monday, December 16, 2013

Arena trial video

Video! I did not have time to get Brit's recorded. Which is too bad as I would like to watch her stand up for herself one more time. It was great.

But here is Leo's.

I was surprised when he ran up the middle. Not like him at all- but he was pretty pumped up. And even more surprised when he tried to cross over and go the wrong way. lol. But after that the outrun and lift was nice. He did not take the come bye flank I gave him- but apparently he didn't need it as the sheep went to the correct side anyway.

And then we run into trouble. Leo doesn't know how to just walk into his sheep and push on them. He will stand and stare, and take the odd step, but I have to really encourage him. So even going around the post I had to help him. And then the drive was hard even with me there to help him. I should have just fetched them to me- that's allowed in novice. But I wanted to try. We got it done, but it took forever. lol

The pen was hilarious. Because that was pure luck. Truly. But I'll take it. ;)


Merinda said...

Great job! I wish we had arena trials down here... Instead we just have to wait for spring :(

Tammy Taylor said...

Good Job everyone! Thank you for the videos---with goldens I will never be herding but I do love to learn the rules, etc, etc of all sports.