Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Blizzard Warning

December arrived with a Blizzard. Our area actually had a "blizzard warning"- which I have never heard of before. lol. We got a lot of snow. And of course Wind. So the snow drifts are high, and solid. So winter will be here for at least a solid week is my guess- maybe longer if the temperature stays cold (our average this week is around -21 C). 

Last night we got so much snow that today was declared a snow day by most places- including our University! Which is amazing. Oh, and my work. ;) 

So I am enjoying an extra day at home with the crew. We shoveled (here is Boone helping), played, braved the roads to check on the shop cat, had a play, and now are tucked in at home.

Heading over for some craft fun at my sisters, and then coffee with some friends. A great Snow Day indeed. ;)


onecollie said...

the blizzard & snow came along with me from Thunder Bay :)

Agnes Lu said...

The dog love snow^^ The dog is standing in the snow!!!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Boone looks as if he's saying, OH NO! I always felt as if a snow day was a little gift from Mother Nature! Our routines get changed, and it's like a mini-escape when the world stops due to a bunch of white stuff. So glad you got to enjoy the day!

WigglyZack said...

OMG he is so cute

Nicki said...

We had a blizzard warning here once. In Missouri. Really? Nothing happened. Just a few inches of snow.