Saturday, December 21, 2013

Progress in All Things


shopping is all done, presents wrapped. even took my nephew shopping for his parents today. it was pretty adorable. 


my grampa is mostly feeling ok. my aunt is on the mend (she had a heart attack). and my mother is strangely normal. i had a conversation with her today. it was odd. but nice. my dad is stressed about money and all the presents my mom made him buy. lol. it's all very normal. i like normal. 


only two more work days left until a little holiday. can. not. wait. we are closed between christmas and new years every year. it is the most wonderful work tradition. 


i am having a birthday in a bit. i forget how old i am going to be. 31? 32? math escapes me, but it doesn't matter much anyway. i've never been one to care about birthdays. 


dogs brushed, some bathed, nails done (they were overdue!), teeth cleaned on the oldies, they look clean and shiny. 


leo's targeting on his contact board is awesome-sauce. ;) Yes, I said awesome-sauce. He actually broke his little board because he pushed off so hard.. will have to rebuild one. starting in the new year i will have a regular place to train contacts once a week. we are **very*** excited about that.


we built a pen today. it looks pretty spiffy. finally the cold spell has broke, and we hopefully can work dogs more frequently again! leo's driving is getting better- slow and steady. brit is still zippy. except when she's not. but we are talking about progress so we won't talk about how she was chased be a nasty ewe today....

so here's to progress! 

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Diana said...

Happy birthday (soon). I have trouble remembering how old I am too. One year I was so excited to learn that I wasn't 48 but 47. I got a whole year back. LOL