Friday, September 27, 2013

The Pest

Nell is a pup belonging to Scott and Jenny Glen. I am puppy sitting for a few weeks while they are at the National Finals in Virginia. I had her for a week or so when she was itty bitty too, so it was nice to have her again.

She is the sweetest pup. Very personable and friendly. And has a great little temperament. As with most puppies she is certainly pesty. She has earned herself the nickname of "The Pest"

Here are just a few photos from our walk today. Mostly so her owners can see that she is doing just fine. I think she's grown a bit more since she got here too!

pretty girl

happy girl

pesty girl

pesty girl II

windblown girl

more pesty (but respectful of mr. grumpy pants)


Jenny Glen said...

Awesome pics! Maybe you should wait until Sunday to go out to our place, or get someone else to go - sounds like you need to stay on the couch!

Anonymous said...

They all looks so darn happy! Get well soon, colds sure do suck!