Sunday, September 15, 2013

More Swimming.

I was not feeling well last night or this morning, and had planned to stay in bed and relax. By noon the dogs were driving me crazy. Like pull my hair out crazy. So we went swimming. Less work for me, more work for them. It is the easiest way to exercise everyone. I sit on the edge, and throw the toy. The dogs were in heaven- and again had a great time playing and swimming. My friend Cindy came with her menagerie so it was pretty chaotic. It made for some great photos though!

Wicca and her favorite toy. That we lost. :(

Crazy Face

Mud. Like slippery snot really. lol. I was this >< close to falling on my ass...

Man I love this dog.

Shaking and a-moving...

attractive no?

screamer (and sunar)

Sunar (who is Wicca's half sister)

Pike and his shifty eyes

shaggy monster

lol. I am not sure what to say really.
PS. I even managed to get a new header photo! I needed a group photo for the flickr group anyway. Boone of course didn't want to cooperate. But it totally made the photo even more awesome. lol. Off on his own- as usual. lol


sagechronicles said...

OMD, the expressions on their faces tell it all!!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Wheeeeee! The kids sure had fun!