Monday, September 02, 2013

Not to be left out...

Not to be left out I want to assure everyone that the three who didn't get to come with me had ample fun. ;)

Here are a few photos from their respective dogsitters. Thanks to Cindy, Wendy and Jo for helping out with the dogs. I knew they were in good hands!

Wicca stayed with my friend Cindy. Where she ruled over everyone with an iron fist. She was very spoiled- fed raw for the two weeks she was there, daily swims in the canal, ample couch time. Despite the spoiling she was happy to see me when I picked her up! That could be because of the trouble she got into now and again. Word is that she got into the fridge- even though it is the kind with the freezer on the bottom.... Apparently she used the conveniently placed freezer to reach even further into the fridge.
lounging on the couch. as the queen. 
the boss is on the left.

on the bed. of course
Pixel stayed with Cindy for a few days, and Jo, and Wendy. lol. She is the easy dog and had no troubles moving around. At Cindys she was an angel. At Jo's she was a little wound up, and at Wendy's she created her usual excited chaos. She seriously has insane amounts of energy. A few days of not a lot can make for a pretty nutty (loud, pushy, obnoxious, naughty) Pixel! Despite her naughty ways she is very charming though. She was BARELY excited to see me. Snot. lol

this very cool photo was taken by Wendy.
she stole the show at Wendy's. This is my most favorite photo.

at Jo's- hanging with the collies
and Boone. He was at Wendy's for the whole two weeks. And I have like a millon photos of him to choose from. I might go away more often!!! Seriously amazing photos. He had a fantastic time, and came home needing a bath but otherwise very happy, content and normal. Love that. He's such a special little guy. I worry about him when I am gone. So it was nice to not have to this time at all!


^..^Corgidogmama said...

Absolutely precious photos!! Love Pixel going up, up and away with the balloons, and Boone's silhoutte by the water is so cool. The "kids" had their own vacay didn't they?

Agnes Lu said...

I like the photo in which she was pulling those balloons!!!

Nicki said...

I love these pics of Boone!