Saturday, September 28, 2013


I got an email last night that I won the gold scholarship for the class at Fenzi Dog Sport Academy! I am super excited about it!!! It means that I got a free spot at the Gold Level- which is a full spot. Assignments, Video Homework, and comments and discussion afterwards.

I opted for the Shaping Class with Sue Ailsby. I love clicker training, and think that shaping games build valuable learning skills. All of my own dogs are trained with the clicker at some point or another. Dogs are not born knowing how to learn- it is something that is taught as they grow up. The shaping creates a problem solving dog, one that can think things through, and figure out how to earn a reward rather than just waiting around to be told.

 This class will be a real challenge for me- something I am looking forward to!  I haven't been a student in a really long time. ;) And I don't always follow direction well. lol. But it's Sue Ailsby!! It's going to be awesome.

I am assuming there will be a clause in the class about not blogging details, video etc. But I will probably mention it now and again as I get into it.

It took me a bit to decide which dog to use. In the end it was between Pixel and Brit. Pixel is just so adorable. But of all my dogs I think that Brit can benefit from the extra brain work every day. She is my most active "hyper" dog. I will likely do more shaping with the others during the course of the class anyway, but Brit will be the project dog.

photo taken by an iphone, on our way home from a friends. the gold of the fields, and the dramatic sky was enough to make me pull over on the highway. lol. Sorry Jo. ;)


Taryn said...


Gorgeous photo!

onecollie said...

I have to admit the picture is gorgeous :)

WigglyZack said...

that's great

Hydro Blogger said...

Congrats! Now to brush up on your 'following directions'

Paws on the Run said...

Very cool! Have fun.