Monday, September 16, 2013

Getting Old

All of a sudden Wicca is acting old. I've been in denial for a while about it. Mostly because she is often a little sore now and then because of all her old injuries. So I usually just chalk it up to that.

But the other day she couldn't get on the couch. I think we were equally upset. She gave up and went and pouted on a dog bed. I stared at her for a long time and then tried to pick her up. She did not appreciate my help. Wicca does not want help- ever. She is so independent that I think this getting old business is going to be hard for her.

To fix the problem of the couch I now have a 5 foot long ramp in my living room. I tried stairs but she didn't like them either. The ramp she thinks is pretty cool. Although she will still jump off the couch rather than use the ramp... We will work on that part. I am just happy that she chose to use the ramp in the first place!

I am going to build one of my own, and paint it dark so that it doesn't a) take up so much freaking space, and b) stand out so much. It won't be hard and I think I can make it even a bit more secure.

It makes me sad to see her getting old. She is such a vibrant dog! I notice even on walks, and swimming and stuff that she doesn't have the same stamina she did before. But she knows that herself already so doesn't push herself too much. She just steals the toy from whoever went all the way out there and got it. lol.

Something's will never change- regardless and age and mobility! She rules the house- and now the couch again too!!!


Taryn said...

I came see the same thing in Wilson now that he's 10. He will overdo on swimming so I have to be careful to pace him since he won't.

I recently got a new mattress and now he can't jump up high enough to get on his favorite perch. I tried using my ramp but he just would use it. I will have to come up with another solution...

Love the new header! How funny with Boone off to himself and doesn't Leo look miserable. It's a great photo, catching so many silly expressions on the dogs' faces.

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Love the ramp idea. Wicca has been such a joy for you. Aging is so hard to see. It just makes your heart sore. Our Addie is nearly 12 and her vision is badly impaired, she's full of fat tumors and almost untouchable these days. But, the warm sun, a soft voice sure make her happy. We use a footstool for her, but the ramp is a much better idea. Be sure to show us what you come up with if you do end up designing your own.

Michelle Larson said...

we are having the same issue with Ava, it is hard to watch them get old, I was in denial for a long time until we came back from our three weeks away, I noticed such a difference in her and it doesn't feel fair.

Diana said...

I built a couple of ramps for my Chihuahuas.. didn't want them breaking a leg jumping off furniture. I covered it with bathroom rugs for traction.

Nicki said...

The other day Zodiac fell on the hardwood and couldn't get up :(

On another note-love the header.