Sunday, May 26, 2013

Photos Galore

Oh weekend, how I love you! I wish every day was a weekend. ;)

We did lots of fun things. Like the beach!

Boone- by Wendy. There is just one Boone, but a pretty fancy photoshop technique. ;)

Boone and Vito had a fantastic time at the beach yesterday. Boone loved the waves. (photo by Wendy)

Vito ran around like a yahoooo... -photo by Wendy

and played in the sand. for like half an hour. really. -photo by wendy
aside from the beach I also took the shorties to our local "Walk for Dog Guides" on Saturday which was fun- Wicca, Vito and Pixel had a good time, and it was for a good cause. Today I spent some time with my sister and nephew. Nolen  is getting so big. It's crazy how much he knows and talks. He's like a real person now. ;)

And what weekend would be complete without a little sheep action. Leo was incredible. Listening, and trying really hard. I was pretty happy with him today. Brit did well- but what we worked on was hard for her. She has a hard time pushing into the sheep. But I kept my patience and she worked through it. It was actually hot out today too which didn't really help- but still a great afternoon!

Oh, and I started teaching Leo how to weave. I got my 2 x 2's the other day and I think he's gonna catch on pretty darn quick. He's already driving through and looking for the entry from all different angle. I'll work another day or so on just that and then add the second set. It's very exciting!

(i have photos of both the last two things- but blogger is being stupid and won't let me upload for some reason...)


^..^Corgidogmama said...

Absolutely darling pics of a very happy Boone and Vito! Nolen is a little cutie!

WigglyZack said...

pawsome photos

Anonymous said...

An utter delight
Love your photos of your six beautiful dogs - guaranteed to bring a smile.
Boone reminds me of our Nellie - who has her own blog too.