Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Leo Update

So it's been two months since I decided that Leo needed to stay permanently as one of the crew. Since that time I have fallen in love with him. He is still full of quirks, but I really do love him. He is a fantastic combination of sweet and fiery. Willing to snuggle on your lap, or ready to work at a seconds notice. He is intense in his work- all work, any work. Sheep, or Agility. But has an awesome off switch. Love him.

He is learning a lot and is like a sponge- soaking it all in.

We've got the real life skills down pat, he understands basic obedience, and has decent manners. I will never trust him completely around people- but in most situations he is happy and friendly and wanting to meet people. It's fast movement, and the sudden surprises that he doesn't like. He's accustomed to the halti now and wears it without issue on leash walks, and stuff we do in public.

Leo loves to work sheep, and is pretty amazing. He learns fast, and never stops trying. There is a lot of natural talent in him- and he has been a lot of fun to work lately. I was a tad bit frustrated (okay, a lot frustrated) when we first started because I could see that he could do so well but with me he was too fast and forward. After a lesson with Scott I've got him figured out. And what a difference all the real farm work has made- that combined with the frequency of the work has made him a completely relaxed dog on sheep.  Listening, trying, and doing it all with crazy style. I am looking forward to all of the things he will teach me this year with herding. He is so different than Brit- it is like a completely different game almost.

He is loving the agility training, and I am super pumped about getting back into it.  He is very sound, and has loads of drive and enthusiasm. I've been working all the foundation stuff for the last few months and he is tons of fun to train. We haven't left the backyard with it yet- but I'm pretty sure he will be keen anywhere. Just the other day I got my own set of 2 x 2's to teach weaves. He has caught on really quick and will be weaving very soon! It helps that he is super toy motivated now and is easily patterned. We are still working on targeting for contacts and as soon as I get my hands on some extra jumps we will start with the jump grids. So much fun.

And that's it for Leo updates. He's pretty awesome. Fits in (obviously), and is just a good boy.


Natasha said...

Sounds like a blast! Glad that you're having fun with your new adventure!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

He'll keep you in the game, and was a gift in disquise I think for you!

Jenny Glen said...

I love it when I'm right :)

Koping Weims said...

LOVE that you kept him..he was meant to be yours...always liked Leo from the day I met him...


Nicki said...

That's great!