Saturday, May 11, 2013

Obedience and Sheep and other training things

Just an update about what we've been up to. More for myself- to look back on (my memory is awful, and I enjoy going back and reading my blog). I included photos to make it more interesting for you. ;)

I have been training Pixel at least once a week- sometimes more with Obedience stuff. We need only one more leg for her CDX. And I hope to get it this summer.... She is SO wonderful in training. Happy, prancy, and just really seems to understand the job. We have been working in new and different places and I've really amped up the distractions. This is a photo of her "audience" one day while training. Very realistic we thought. ;) She was quite scared of Santa when he was on the floor near her Drop on Recall, but once in the chair she figured he was alright.

On the herding front we are doing plenty. Scott and Jenny are off on their summer adventure so that means LOTS of sheep time for me and the Border Collies. I take full advantage and have been out twice a week- and even a few weekends.

bowling for sheep
Somehow I was convinced to run Brit in a trial next weekend. I had decided not to because we just aren't quite there. 100 yards is a long ways. lol. But I was told to suck it up and try. So we are... She is doing quite great actually- but she will never really have the eye she needs to control them. She uses her movement and enthusiasm. And if that fails she has nothing left. I am not sure how much of that can be built into a dog- but for now we are making due with what we have! The past few days I did manage to stretch her outrun to the hundred yards and she actually looked pretty good! Her stops and flanks at that distance aren't great but she is trying hard and having fun. The pen however is still haunting is. I am very doubtful that we will achieve that next weekend- but I will be thrilled if she brings me the sheep- step one! lol.

Leo is amazing. Really. He is so different than Brit. It is a completely different experience. His outruns are coming along nicely- and he finally understands that slow is often better. And he has stops now- and is calm(ish). All the farm work has made a big difference for him I think. We have a lot to learn still though- and I'm looking forward to that next step with him.

Boone chasing waves- photo by Wendy
The other dogs are busy doing dog things mostly- lots of walks, and training, and tricks and all that kind of jazz. Vito is back doing remedial recall work. lol. So that takes up a fair chunk of his training time. But Boonie has learned a few new tricks, and I'm teaching him right side heeling. Wicca is back having some fun- she isn't sore at all now and is back to herself. I still keep her some what toned down- but for the most part I let her do what she wants on walks and such.

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