Sunday, April 28, 2013


Brit, originally uploaded by manymuddypaws.

The weekend Rally workshop was great. Lots of really keen people wanting to learn about rally- and really interesting breeds which was cool! An Irish Setter, Airedale, Toy Fox Terrier, and a Bulldog! (to name a few). All were really great working dogs. It was neat to see such a big difference even from day one to day two. The bulldog was super awesome. Enthusiastic and super smart.

Pixel and Brit were very good demo dogs. Everyone thought Pixel was adorable. So she soaked up the love. Leo got to come and socialise and was very good and had good manners which was nice. He likes to jump up on people now so we are working on that part of the greeting.

Wicca had a rough appointment today and was still sore when I picked her up tonite. :(
Her lower neck, right shoulder and surrounding areas were all very sore. She is on a few days of metacam, and rest. We will see how she is in a few days and go from there. I may need to take her in again. It's like never ending really. It makes me sad to see her uncomfortable. :(

The Boys were happy to see me, but reportedly had fun with my dad. They seemed happy and relaxed so that makes me happy.

This photo doesn't really go with any of my updates, except that it is the very first actual standing photo I've ever gotten of her. Jolene was playing with her at the park this morning and she happened to be standing in anticipation of the toy. She has changed to much- even this past year. Filled out more- muscle in places where she had none before. She's always been a pretty girl, but now she looks less like a noodle, and more like a dog. ;)

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Collie222 said...

We want to try Rally, we just need to find the time! It looks like fun!