Sunday, April 21, 2013

Not over my head!

I audited a herding clinic this weekend on Handling for trials. I got to see Scott do his thing, and even though I am a long ways away from a field trial I understood everything he was saying!

I was a bit worried that it would be over my head- not only skill wise, but learning wise. And although my dog(s) can't do even a part of what we talked about- I think it will stick with me, and I'll be able to draw on the knowledge later on.

The clinic itself was great- the hosts did a fabulous job. The food was yummy, and it was a small group of happy people so the atmosphere stayed pretty low key. The weather was crap. Cold and Windy Saturday, and Sunday was better even though it snowed. At least the sun came out to warm us up!

My dogs were very bored. I did my best to run the crap out of them in the morning, and walk them at lunch. I also brought Kongs for both days to entertain them in the vehicle. They weren't miserable by any stretch, but they weren't happy about being cooped up either.

The had lots of opportunity in the morning and the evening to run because we stayed at a friends place in Okotoks. J & D offered to let us crash at their place- and it was so nice to catch up. They are agility people so I haven't really seen them for a LONG LONG time. It was awesome to chat and just hang out. I've missed them.

I came home early today so I'd have time to recharge for the week. Instead I've been puttering around the yard, cleaned the house (somewhat), and trained the dogs. Now I'm really tired. ;)

Leo was not happy to just have to watch. He was very well behaved though!

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