Tuesday, April 02, 2013

The Water is Chilly...

I took some of the dogs down to the river today for their first little dip. It was still pretty cold and at first even Wicca was reluctant! But once she paddled around a bit she decided it wasn't too bad!

I took just Brit, Leo, Boone and Wicca. Pixel just had a bath (thanks Jo!) yesterday, and Vito was naughty so I made him stay home too. lol.

Boone had a great time chasing the waves after a boat went by!

Wicca had fun with her sticks

The Border Collies swam only when they were chasing things...

And by things I mean Belgians! I happened upon a friend and her two Belgians just as I was about to leave. So we stayed a bit longer. I've really got to get Brit fetching out of the water better! Kona put my dogs to shame. lol

Although they had fun today I think I am going to hold off a bit longer until it is warmer. Wicca was pretty stiff when she got home and I wonder if it is from the cold water. She didn't do too much swimming really.

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