Sunday, April 07, 2013

Final Arena Trial

Today was the last in the Stockdog Arena trial series. I am sad. But have lots of training to do so I am sure I'll be busy. ;)

The arena trials have been a great learning tool- what better way to find out what your dogs weakness, and strengths are. I learned alot over the past few months!

Brit is a very good dog.  A great dog to learn this sport on. She is honest, and tries hard. I am lucky.

We had two good runs today- even with some added in new challenges- like DRIVING! Ugh. We are not very good at it. But we got 'er done today! The problem was at the Pen! Which is a new thing. She stalled and would not walk into them. And so we went around and around until the stand off, and then our time was up. The second run I managed to get them in with three seconds to spare. lol. Regardless of outcome I am pretty proud of us!

I need to thank my instructors for all their patience, and support. Brit is a softy, so I appreciate all the extra help they've had to give. Louanne and Jenny, you rock! Oh, and Scott too. ;) He helped to bring back Brit's courage.

Anyway, I am looking forward to working hard this summer on improving our skills. Next year I hope there is an intermediate class for her. ;) And who knows, we may enter our first Field trial this summer.... depending on how things go. We have much to learn. ;)

No video of our runs today, instead enjoy this beauty. Albertans sure know how to have fun! I didn't participate in the dancing, but I did video, and put it all together. I am a little sick of the song now, but holy crap is it funny.

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