Sunday, February 05, 2012

Thanks to a great team!

I have the best Scenthurdle team ever. I won't lie- the dream of having a Lethbridge Scenthurdle team has been bumpy, and difficult, and sometimes a huge pain in my ass. Team Sports are not my thing really. And me in charge of a team?! lol. Well you can imagine. Thankfully I have an awesome bunch of people- people who keep me organised, and talk back, take advice, and have a great sense of humor.

Last year was our first year. We rarely ran clean, had lots of issues pop up, and placed last or second last every single race. The Lethbridge race in the summer was particularily painful. Even our "reliable" dogs weren't running well.  Despite our rough races we still had fun, and laughed, and joked around. It is important to us that our dogs have fun. Winning is not everything.  But we went home and trained harder. We all sacrificed some time and have been getting together every week (or nearly) for a few months now. And all the work is paying off!

Last night was awesome. There were 7 teams. And we placed 2nd Overall. Do you know how awesome that is? Like really awesome. We ran 7 races, and WON 5 of them. Against some very impressive teams. Teams that usually win every single time. Our dogs had super competitive times- anything under 40 seconds is pretty awesome (and earns 10 points!)We had five times under 40, and even had a 34!!! But more important than speed- we had no mistakes. No wrong dumbbells, no crossovers, no bobbles. The only mistake was mine. lol. Pixel missed a few jumps, (I'll have video and explain later) and I didn't yell up to the boxloader in time for her to put another in. But no biggie, and that was our only issue. That's a huge improvement!

I am so proud of everyone! I am proud of our sportsmanship. We volunteer whenever we can, we are nice to our dogs- and to each other, and we just have a great time. We are going to be a fierce team this year. I can tell. We've got speed, consistency, and fun. We were the loudest team, the team always laughing, and some of them even skipped a bit as they ran...It was a pretty fun night and I am looking forward to the next one!!

Team No Nonscents
l-r Donna, Epic, Swift, Amanda, Pixel, Jo, Kort, Tina, Jethro, Amanda S (box loader), Gyp, Bosley, Kim, Sarah


onecollie said...

it was an awesome night!!! Korty made a mistake too, he missed the jumps, all of them LOL! same as Pixel, stupid pillar ! hahaha!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Wowsers! It's so cute how intently Pixel does her thing...and how she looks up at you is adorable!! She's one heck of a dog!

Raelyn said...

Awww.... Pixel is LOOKING UP TOWARD YOU in the group picture, Amanda!! How SWEET!! ;op