Wednesday, February 01, 2012


Random thing #1
Pixel was awesome at scenthurdle tonite. We are going to Calgary for a race on Saturday. First one of the season!

Random thing #2
Bruce (the cat) is seriously mad. He's not adjusting to being an indoor cat, and combined with random thing #6 makes for a very pissed off cat.

Random thing #3
Wicca went to the vet today for a "geriatric" check up and blood work. Good thing I teach my dogs to pee on command...

Random thing #4
I love Wednesdays, and Income Tax time.

Random thing #5
Scamp is driving me nutty with his "I'm a normal happy dog now and want to play all the freaking time..." He's ready to go now. Serious. Any takers?

Random thing #6
I got a kitten and named him Baker. For no reason except I like the name and it sounds good with Bruce. He was found frozen to someones porch when it was -50. I am a sucker.

Random thing #7
I am going through sheepherding withdrawls so have a lesson on Sunday...

Random thing #8
I finally picked up the tickets for HEDLEY- I bought them more than a month ago.....  So excited!!!
That is all.


Raelyn said...

1. I am happy for you and Pixel!!
2. Cats are just "seriously mad" little creatures that do NOT adapt well to change.
3. Keep us POSTED on Wicca's blood test results!!
4. Wednesdays are MY favorite day of the week, too!! ;)
5. Hopefully Scamp will adopted into a FOREVER LOVING HOME.... Soon!! ;op
6. Oh POOR BAKER!! I would not call you a "sucker", Amanda. No. You have a HUGE HEART for animals in NEED!! ;-D
7. Have fun with sheepherding!!

Dendrite said...

LOL @ #3...but that is a seriously much needed skill!

#4 - you obviously don't owe 'the man' :)