Monday, August 02, 2010

AKC Show

I travelled with Jolene (One Collie) to Spruce Meadows in Calgary for one day of Rally. The dogs were great, and I was very impressed with them.

Wicca earned a 94 in Excellent and a 99 in Advance- her first RAE Leg (i think she needs ten)
Pixel earned her first Advanced leg with a 98.
And Boone earned the last leg he needed for his Advanced title. It wasn't pretty and he had a melt down but after I took a second to calm and pet him he was able to refocus. It was a very loud, and very busy environment and he was pretty overwhelmed.

It was a great day though- bought a cool Cardigan shirt, and had a good time with dog friends.

Congrats to Jolene and Kort for earning the last two legs needed for his Rally Novice title, and Congrats to Lisa and her little dog Zack for earning his Novice title too!!!!!


WigglyZack said...

The picture turned out great!!!

onecollie said...

it sure did!!!, all the dogs look awesome!, such a keepsake with the "Spruce Meadows" in the background too!

Diana said...

Congrats to all of you all!! Great picture too! Diana

Taryn said...

Congrats on the Rally success! And love the picture, all the dogs look great against that neat background!

Dawn said...

Woohoo! Great job all of you.

Dianne SS said...

Congratulations to everyone! What a great weekend!!

Kim said...

That's great Amanda!

I am glad you were able to get Boone's focus back. It was crazy at the obedience rings - I couldn't believe how crowded and loud it was in there.