Monday, June 01, 2009

the short list

there is only like 10 days until regionals. so far i haven't been freaking out. and then i was reminded numerous times today that there are only 10 days. 10 days.

i have been training hard, and feel mostly confident. i have a good dog.

here is my short list. stuff I need to work on tomorrow at practice, and next week.

"out" for gambles. as in pushing OUT past one jump to another.
"turn" again for gambles. getting better, but still not 100% reliable, especially over bars
"threadles" as in being able to handle stupid freakin' threadles that will haunt me forever.
"lead out pivots" as in being able to lead out without the worry of knocking the first bar.
"remember" as in remember the freakin' course.
"focus" as in focus on handling my good dog.

tomorrow we are doing a gamble in class.

i have been obsessively combing the internet looking at the courses for the regionals that have already run this year (ontario just ran this past weekend, sask a few weeks ago, and bc before then) the courses appear mostly flowy, with stuff that i can do. the gambles especially have been nice. i am feeling mostly confident.

'though i still have 10 days to second guess myself....

1 comment:

Sarah said...

funny that you called it the short list, and your dog is short.

i dunno, it just humored me.